The project will be coordinated by FCM, through a team formed by José Miguel Caldas de Almeida, Department of Mental Health and Chronic Diseases Research Centre (CEDOC), who will lead the project, Benedetto Saraceno, Luis Sardinha (clinical expert) and a Research assistant. FCM will take the scientific, administrative and financial responsibility for the project, ensuring the necessary coordination of efforts among all partners.

The management structure has 3 Technical Groups helping the Coordinator in the implementation of the main components of the project. International consultants with great expertise in psychiatric epidemiology (from Harvard University)  and mental health effects on the crisis (from National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland) will provide scientific support  when needed.

The members of the various Groups involved will participate in different activities according to their specific competencies, although all partners will participate in the definition of the conceptual framework of the project.

The completion of the field work of the epidemiological study (which will assess the impact of the crisis on mental health of the population and how the health system responded to mental health problems associated with the crisis) will require close collaboration between the team of FCM, responsible for the scientific aspects, and CESOP team, that will lead the work field.